The Augusta Chiwy Foundation pursues its mission of promoting cultural harmony around the world encompassing courageous, unending and selfless service to humanity through three initiatives of Inspiration, Education and Information, designed to touch the lives of all people around the world.




The Foundation supports the creation, production and distribution of films like “Searching for Augusta,” films that tell the true stories of individuals whose lives  and actions inspire others to recognize that all people are worthy of respect, compassion and caring, and to serve humanity in some unique, extraordinary or exemplary way. Films produced by the Foundation will be distributed in the U.S. and internationally through a variety of media channels.




The story of Augusta Chiwy’s service during the Siege of Bastogne  dates back to the 1940s when the world was nothing like it is today. Yet her remarkable courage, kindness and humility resonate with young people and can be an important teaching tool in classrooms both in the U.S. and abroad at a time when role models seem in short supply. The Foundation envisions creating educational materials, such as teacher and discussion guides, that will be made available to educators so that schools can reinforce with their students the values and qualities Augusta taught by example. As additional films are produced by the Foundation, they too will become teaching tools for educators around the world.





For many, the story of Augusta Chiwy sparks or intensifies their interest in the history of those dark days when nearly the entire world was at war. Martin King of Belgium, founder of the Foundation, and his U.S. associate Michael Collins are the two military historians whose research and writing brought Augusta’s story to the world. They have co-authored other books about World War II as well. Together they have a working knowledge of the War—especially the Battle of the Bulge and the Siege of Bastogne—that is virtually unequaled. As more and more survivors of World War II pass away and the generation that recalls those days firsthand vanishes, Martin and Michael’s knowledge becomes more precious. The Foundation supports lectures and other appearances where one or both share what they know of the greatest war in the history of mankind. In addition to elaborating on the events depicted in “Searching for Augusta,” Martin tells in greater detail about his lengthy and painstaking search for the woman whose story he would bring to the world.