Based on the success of the EMMY award-winning film, “Searching For Augusta”, the Foundation will continue to build on the relationship that it has established with national television broadcasters in the United States, Netflix, Amazon Prime and iTunes to distribute stories of personal courage, self-sacrifice and cultural harmony to audiences worldwide. The Foundation has been able to reach television audiences of over 100 Million viewing households in the United States and over 180 countries worldwide.




With every film the Foundation creates, a classroom-based curriculum is created so that teachers and students may use the film to help further discussion about the themes and key messages a film intends to communicate. These educational materials are available free-of-charge and are wonderful tools that can create meaningful follow-on experiences after a film has been viewed..





Screenings of each film are organized around the world to create opportunities for people to experience the intellectual and emotional event a film creates. There is also a lecture or a Q&A session offered following the film screening to allow the audience to interact with the filmmakers and even those that are in the film itself if possible. This has created wonderful dialogue and educational opportunities for thousands of people.